Sunday, July 28, 2013

I've Had a Birthday, Shout Hooray!

My birthday ended up being, not the boring Sunday I thought it would be, but instead an extended and thoughtful showing of love and care from my friends and family!

It started a week ago with a day of fun planned by a few of my greatest friends, in honor of my birthday. Jan, Crystal, and Camille took me to the Timpanogos Caves for a beautiful hike up to, and a tour through the caves. Then they spoiled me with lunch at one of my favorite places, Kneaders. Thanks, girls!

Then Friday, one of my other great friends (I'm a lucky girl to have really great friends) invited me and the kids over to have lunch and hang out. We spent quality time together, which we haven't had in ages! It did my heart a lot of good! And she surprised me with a thoughtful b-day gift that I LOVE! Thank You, Heather!

Yesterday for a fun birthday date, Bart took me to the gym where we worked out together! After, we had dinner at Malawii's Pizza, followed by a little shopping at the mall, then frozen yogurt at Menchi's. The most meaningful gift I received from my hubby was about 7-8 hours of hard labor de-cluttering and re-organizing a space that has been driving me NUTS for some time now! THANK YOU, BART!

This morning, I was gifted with fun presents, tons of hugs and kisses, and breakfast with my family. Thanks again Bart! And thank you, Genevieve, AnnaBelle, and Alexander!

Today, I loved having people over for music and cupcakes! Some may think I'm crazy for hosting a choir practice on my b-day! But for me, there is nothing more fun than music with friends. And I TRULY have come to love each choir member as a friend.  Thank you, Aspen 3rd Choir Friends! (Even the ones who couldn't make it today. Your birthday wishes were very kind, and mean a lot to me!)    :)

I have also received many texts, facebook posts, and voicemails from family and friends today. All of them wishing me well on this my 34th birthday! Thank you, wonderful family and friends that I love!

I'm embarrassed to say that I had complained to my friend that I didn't think my birthday was going to be recognized or acknowledged very much this year. Shame on me! Because as I sit and count my blessings, as I get what I get and am thankful for it, I realize how abundantly loved and supported I am. And really, what more does a girl need for her birthday, than to know, without a doubt, that she is loved? Thank you, Lord.

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